Monday, April 18, 2011

Challenge 8 - Try a New Yoga Style

I just watched an episode of PBS's Scientific American Frontiers about the hippocampus, which plays a huge role in creating memories and linking experiences in the brain. The experiments showed the brain's elevated response to new experiences, which can help individuals store memories and keep the brain sharp. This should encourage all to complete the challenges this week

Challenge: Break your yoga routine to elevate your mental, physical, and emotional response to yoga generally. (This does not give a passport to skip yoga this week!)


  • Try a new yoga style
  • Try a new studio, a new environment and yogis can stimulate motivation
  • Do yoga at a different time in the day: switch to morning asanas
  • Talk to a non-yogi about yoga
  • Read a book about yoga or meditation
  • Do yoga at home by yourself or with a friend
  • Use a yoga video or online source in your office or home
  • Meditate for 30 minutes in lieu of physical yoga practice

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