Sunday, February 27, 2011

Challenge 1 - Eat More Fresh Vegetables

This challenge is based upon medical research and common sense, which tells us that fresh vegetables and fruits are healthier than processed foods.

Challenge: Introduce one fresh vegetable, fruits, or spices into your life this week, regardless where you get vegetables at the local supermarket or farmers' market.

Apply (vitamins and minerals associated):
  • Add freshly cut green onions/scallions into noodles and soups (Fiber; Vitamins A, C, K; Calcium)
  • Add fresh lemons (currently in season) to water (Vitamin C, slow insulin release)
  • Add fresh mushrooms, tomatoes, onions, or garlic to pasta sauces & stir frys, instead of frozen/canned
  • Substitute Olive Oil or Macademia Oil for Corn Oil or Vegetable Oil
  • Throw fresh berries into cereal or granola
  • Substitute spices, such as Cayenne pepper, Oregano, Dill, or Rosemary for cheese/butter on vegetables
  • Substitute Cinnamon for sugar in coffee or tea (lower blood glucose)
  • Drink Almond Milk instead of Dairy Milk (less growth hormones, more protein and calcium) 
Go above and beyond: A good resource for the Inland Empire is the Inland Empire Community Supported Agriculture provider. The service is a bit pricey and I often have to throw away food when it goes bad. I assume that the storage time for CSA veggies are shorter because they are not sprayed/washed with preserving chemicals. Summer is the best season to try out the service with the one-month trial period because your box will be filled with tomatoes, tomatillos and feijoes. My boxes have expanded my vegetables repertoire and introduced new flavors into my diet.

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