Monday, April 11, 2011

Challenge 7 - Healthy Hamstrings

Challenge: Stretch your hamstrings every day.

  • Hamstring flexibility changes your body and helps avoid injuries. Tight hamstrings can affect the range of motion in sports, running/walking, and posture. 

Application: Complete one hamstring sequence each day. Three different sequences below for any part of the day and at any location: in your office, at the gym, morning/evening in bed.

  • *Standing Sequence: Forward Bend ➜ Big Toe ➜ Extended Triangle ➜ Extended Hand-to-Toe
  • *Sitting Sequence:  Bound Angle ➜ Staff Pose ➜ Seated Forward Bend (Left/Right/Center)
  • *Supine Sequence:  Happy Baby ➜ Reclining Big Toe (On Back) ➜ Side Reclining Leg Lift 

Go Above and Beyond: Complete a full sun salutation sequence with all three sequences above!

* Stick figure illustrations coming soon!

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