Monday, April 4, 2011

Challenge 6 - Sleep More

Challenge: Sleep at least 8 hour a night, every night this week. If you really cannot get 8 hours....then at least sleep before midnight.

Application: Do what it takes to maximize your sleep time and encourage drowsiness at the right hour.

  • Exercise in the morning or in the early afternoon
  • Eat 3-4 hours before bedtime (Optimal dinner time is before the sunsets) 
  • Take a shower to cleanse the body of toxins and energies to prep the body for sleep
  • Sleep before midnight (Optimal Yogi time is around 10 pm) 
  • Practice asanas that relax the body, such as inversions and forward bends, as opposed to standing asanas and back bends that energize the body 
  • Practice pranayama or deep breathing before sleeping
  • Avoid watching intensely emotional shows or engaging in strenuous activity after dinner. It can disturb deep sleep.

Go Above and Beyond: See statements in parenthesis above. The next two yoga classes will focus on relaxation and soothing asanas to aid in the quest for longer and better quality sleep.

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