Sunday, May 22, 2011

Challenge 11 - Yoga for Immunity

Being sick is no fun. Nothing can guarantee perfect immunity but do what you can to not feel under the weather. Practice the following sequence to boost your immunity. Benefits of poses relative to health are included.

Challenge - Do Sequence for Health every day this week!
  • Pranayama: Bhramari (Humming Bee)
    • nostril breathing
    • Exhaling plug ears with index fingers and make a humming sound
    • Inhale into the back of the throat
    • Benefits are clearing throat and nasals of infections and soothing the mind
  • Asanas: Hold for 5 breaths each
    • Cat/Cow (optimizes exhale and inhale)
      • Extend opposite arms and legs (quickens breath)
    • Your favorite seated twist pose (compresses organs)
    • Cobra (strengthens respiratory muscles)
    • Downward Facing Dog (circulates blood to sinus) 
    • Mountain with back bend (opens chest and shoulders) 
    • Warrior I & II (increases stamina and incorporates breathing with movement)
    • Bounded Angle (engages gentle backbend, do not go into wheel) 
    • Corpse (relaxes body and breath, bundle up for this pose)

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