Monday, March 28, 2011

Challenge 5 - Three Poses a Day

Challenge: Do yoga every day and start with three poses.

Application: Pick any of these three poses and set a time during the day to hold each pose for 5-10 breaths. Listed poses can be done anywhere, in cubicle, bathroom, or back of a classroom:  

  • Mountain - Stand w/ straight spine, both feet touching and grounded, and arms at sides (start and end all other poses in this position)
  • Half-Moon - Bring arms straight up, arch & tilt head backyards, and breath floating ribs in
  • Eagle - Cross/Wrap left arm over right arm & left leg over right leg to hook left toes under right thigh, join hand & point fingers up. Repeat on cross/wrap opposite arm and legs.
  • Triangle - Stand w/ feet wider than shoulders, extend hands parallel to the ground, extend left arm forward, bring left arm to ground/top of shoe, extend right hand to the ceiling and open chest
  • Chair - Bend knees as if sitting in a chair, bring hands straight up, keep chest open, and look up
  • Downward Facing Dog (standing) - position hands on surface of desk/grabbing rail, legs hip width, straighten arms and relax neck
  • Standing Knee to Chest - Shift weight to one leg, bring the other side knee to the chest
  • Standing Forward Bend - From Mountain, fold torso from hip joints, bring finger tips to shin/tops of shoe/around ankles and lengthen torso 
    • Variation: legs hip width apart, grab elbow with hands, hang and stretch hamstrings

*For more information, google the pose names under "images" (photos coming soon)

Go Above and Beyond: Complete 3 sun salutations in the morning or before lunch.

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